Creating Virtual Controller in Cocos-2d

I am currently not so sure if there is a better way to do, but I found this way handy and good for now.

I am currently creating an iPhone game using cocos-2d, iphone game library, and I wanted to create a overlay buttons. I found it's easy using 'Menu' of cocos-2d, because they have animation buttons and it's easy to adjust their positions, align and opacity.

Problem is, they don't have "Button Down" event. So I create a child class of MenuItem to catch their button-down-event by overriding selected/unselected methods.
Here is "VirtualButton.h".

#import "cocos2d.h"

@interface VirtualButton : MenuItemImage {
id myTarget;
SEL selectedCallback;
BOOL pushed;
- (void) setOnClickCallback:(id)target selectedCallback:(SEL)selected_cb;
- (void) selected;
- (void) unselected;

and here is "VirtualButton.m'.

#import "VirtualButton.h"

@implementation VirtualButton
- (void) setOnClickCallback:(id)target selectedCallback:(SEL)selected_cb
myTarget = target;
selectedCallback = selected_cb;
pushed = NO;

- (void) selected
[super selected];
if(isEnabled) {
pushed = YES;
[myTarget performSelector:selectedCallback withObject:self];

-(void) unselected
[super unselected];
pushed = NO;

-(BOOL) isPushed //To know if button is pressed.
return pushed;

To use this component, code is like

-(id) init //initializer of virtual control pad layer.
MenuItem *leftButton = [VirtualButton itemFromNormalImage:@"left_up.png" selectedImage:@"left_down.png" target:self selector:@selector(leftButtonUpCallback:)];
Menu *menu = [Menu menuWithItems: leftButton, nil];
[(VirtualButton*)leftButton setOnClickCallback:self selectedCallback:@selector(leftButtonDownCallback:)];
[leftButton setPosition:ccp(0, 50.0f)];

[self addChild:menu];

-(void) leftButtonUpCallback:(id)sender
.... do mouse down event


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