Using cheap Intel ComputeStick STCK1A8LFC with Lubuntu 18.04

I bought a cheap Intel Compute Stick PC(STCK1A8LFC, 1GB RAM/8GB storage) to make it a remote 3D printer host for my M3D micro+(

Since M3D micro+ only works on Windows and Linux now (Mac version is incompatible to Mojave), I installed a Lubuntu to it. Although, there is a blog about the a script ( for customizing bootable iso image to Atom base PC(, it seems we don't need it anymore. So, here is what I did.

1. Update bios

  1. download latest bios image from Choose Recovery BIOS update [].
  2. save it to a USB flash drive.
  3. restart ComputeStick hitting F7
  4. from BIOS update menu, choose USB and

2. Install Lubuntu

  1. Download lubuntu alternate image from We cannot install from normal lubuntu iso because there is a limitation that working RAM should be > 1GB. The alternate versions seem to be available only for LTS.
  2. Burn iso to USB. I used Etcher (
  3. Reboot with USB. Everything goes as normal from here. Wifi is not turned on while installing but it starts working after first login.

3. Misc

  1. Install ssh
  2. sudo apt install ssh
    sudo vim /etc/ssh/sshd_config # -> edit config
    sudo service sshd start
  3. Activate wifi before login
  4. from wifi setting panel, check usable to everyone.

4. for M3D micro+ printer

  1. install mono for M3D micro+
  3. install M3D program
    1. download file from M3D.
    2. install
    3. sudo apt install ./m3drealize_1.8.2-1_amd64.deb

5. Install Remote Desktop(Since VLC does not work with "m3drealize")

From this tutorial (
  1. Install xrdp
  2. sudo apt install xrdp
  3. Edit or create ~/.xsession
  4.     lxsession -e LXDE -s Lubuntu
  5. Restart xrdp
  6.     sudo service xrdp restart

6. Connect with Remote Desktop

Use "Microsoft Remote Desktop 10" to connect.

Here is how it looks. Enjoy.


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