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Nexus7 doesn't do dual-pane thing on PreferenceActivity

I have been wondering why my PreferenceActivity doesn't become dual-pane(two-panes) mode, and I found it works fine on a tablet other than Nexus7. I confirmed getConfiguration().screenLayout is LARGE, so I wonder this is bug. Anyway my app is meant to work on tablet, so I finally do this class PrefActivity extends PreferenceActivity() { override def onIsMultiPane():Boolean = true } However, this turns the preference activity into dual-pane on any device. If anyone knows better solution, let me know...

ClassNotFoundException on sbt-android-plugin

I tried to create a brand-new scala project for android, but I found it cannot be started by ClassNotFoundException which means MainActivity was not found. Again, it is caused by Proguard and it seems skeleton program created by g8 jberkel/android-app uses proguard by default. To cut proguard, you just comment out "proguardSetting ++" line in project/Build.scala file. Setting "false" to proguardSettings seems not working, so just comment it out.