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part of .vimrc not activated.

Finally, I fixed some of settings (nnoremaps) of .vimrc have not been activated. It was over written by an other plugin which I believe having uninstalled. Be aware of ~/.vim/after/plugin/*.vim !

start-emulator or start-device fails for missing "dx.jar"

If you try to "start-emulator" or "start-device", but fails on dx error, and if you found "cannot find dx.jar", you can fix it by putting symbolic like ln -s $ANDROID_SDK_HOME/platform-tools $ANDROID_SDK_HOME/platforms/android-7/platform-tools It seems this happens when using old android-7 project with new SDKs like r14.

Installing old formula on Homebrew(Homebrewで古いFormulaをインスール)

Since sbt is very diffrernt between 0.7.7 to 1.x, I needed to install old sbt(0.7.7), but it was not obvious how. However, it turns out to be very easy. To do that, simply put file sbt77.rb to /usr/local/Library/Formula as following content. require 'formula' class Sbt77 < Formula JAR = 'sbt-launch-0.7.7.jar' url "{JAR}" homepage '' md5 '0cce0d5ade30a41b91e05705a9346b71' def install (bin+'sbt77').write <<-EOS.undent #!/bin/sh if test -f ~/.sbtconfig; then . ~/.sbtconfig fi exec java -Xmx512M ${SBT_OPTS} -jar #{libexec}/#{JAR} "$@" EOS libexec.install Dir['*'] end def caveats <<-EOS.undent You can use $SBT_OPTS to pass additional JVM options to SBT. For convenience, this can specified in `~/.sbtconfig`. For example: SBT_